Recently, the Dutch Qualis Magazine, dedicated to showcasing excellence in various industries, featured an editorial article shedding light on Edorado’s remarkable journey.

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Edorado Systems

Hydrofoil Electric Technology

Edorado’s innovative, system showcases a host of features

Designed to cater to a multitude of industries

Edorado offers an integrated hydrofoil solution that opens up new possibilities for customization. With the system, you can easily design and engineer your own unique watercraft, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This added flexibility ensures that this platform empowers you to create vessels that are as unique as the industries they serve.

The Process

1. User Case & Feasibility

We meticulously analyze your needs to ensure a tailored hydrofoil electric solution. Engaging our team of skilled engineers and architects, we rigorously examine the feasibility of integrating hydrofoil technology into your boat design.

The Process

2. Draft & NDA

With confidentiality a priority, we swiftly draft and sign a non-disclosure agreement to safeguard your project’s details.
Transforming ideas into visual concepts, we create precise and innovative concept drawings to capture the essence of your project.

The Process

3. Drawings

Sharing our meticulously crafted 3D drawings, we offer you an immersive glimpse into the future design and functionality of your hydrofoil-equipped vessel.

The Process

4. Quotation, Timeline & Approval

Fine-tuning every aspect, we meticulously prepare a comprehensive quotation and timeline tailored to your specifications and requirements.
Your approval signals the green light to proceed, ensuring alignment and confidence in the proposed hydrofoil solution.

The Process

5. Start Construction

Crafting a draft from our naval architects, we refine the blueprint to ensure optimal performance and efficiency of your hydrofoil-equipped project.
With all preparations complete, we embark on the exciting journey of constructing your project, bringing your vision to life on the water.

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• Universal system that can be freely
completed for your mission profile.
• Freely divisible flat floor space.
• 3D files and integration specs provided.
• Easy software integration.
• Cost efficient solution.
• Limited variables to consider.


• Proven concept.
• Proven Automatic Control System.
• Proven code.
• Proven electronics.
• Proven mechanics.
• Patented CISS.
• Powered by Torqeedo.
• Dedicated After Sales Team.

Engineering Support

Edorado acts as support, helping you stay within parameters.
Forces are well defined so your naval architect can easily engineer a structure
around it. Custom solutions upon request.