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Edorado Achieves Milestone with the ‘Marriage’, merging Batteries and Hull of the Edorado 8S

Last Friday, we at Edorado reached a significant milestone with the successful installation of the batteries in our flagship vessel, the Edorado 8S. This event, which we proudly refer to as ‘the marriage,’ marks a pivotal moment in the journey of the 8S, signifying the integration of its core power source.

A Perfect Fit

The marriage involved the seamless fitting of two advanced batteries from Torqeedo into the hull of the 8S. Thanks to our thorough preparation and accurate engineering, the batteries fit perfectly, underscoring the expertise that went into the design and construction phases. The process proceeded without a hitch, showing our team’s precision and attention to detail.

This joyous occasion was celebrated by all of us at Edorado, whose hard work and perseverance have brought us to this monumental stage. Setting a strong foundation for the future success of the Edorado 8S and other projects to come.

“We are thrilled to reach this milestone. The successful integration of the Torqeedo batteries is a major step forward for the 8S, and it is a proud moment for everyone involved,” said Godert, Founder & CEO of Edorado. “This achievement underscores our commitment to creating top-tier hydrofoil electric systems and reaffirms our belief in the potential of sustainable boating technology.”

The Future Of Boating Is Electric

With the heart of the 8S now in place, our focus will shift to further testing and fine-tuning to ensure optimal performance and safety. We are confident that the 8S will set new standards in the industry, demonstrating the power and efficiency of hydrofoil electric boats.

The Edorado 8S is not just a boat; it is a showcase of our high-end technology and commitment to sustainable, high-performance marine solutions. As a hydrofoil electric boat, the 8S represents the future of eco-friendly boating, offering a glimpse into what the next generation of marine transportation can achieve.

At Edorado, we continue to lead the charge in transforming the marine industry with our hydrofoil electric solutions. The future of boating is electric and sustainable.

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