Recently, the Dutch Qualis Magazine, dedicated to showcasing excellence in various industries, featured an editorial article shedding light on Edorado’s remarkable journey.

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Our Luxury Foiler the Edorado 8S Grabs the Spotlight in Europe’s Premier Motorboat Magazine

Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine, Europe’s premier motorboat publication with a rich history dating back to 1904, has showcased our flagship model, the 8S, in a news item and video tour.

In their latest article, Motor Boat & Yachting takes readers through the unique features and luxurious design of the 8S, describing it as a remarkable foiler that combines cutting-edge technology with opulent comfort.

To experience the magic of the Edorado 8S firsthand, check out the exclusive coverage on Motor Boat & Yachting’s website: Motor Boat & Yachting Article – Edorado 8S Boat Tour

Motor Boat & Yachting Magazine is renowned for its authoritative boat tests and technical coverage. The oldest motorboat magazine in Europe brings a wealth of experience and credibility to their reviews.

We are proud to be recognized by such a distinguished publication and are excited to share the Edorado 8S with motorboat enthusiasts worldwide. The magazine’s coverage highlights the 8S’ luxurious amenities that set it apart in the world of electric boats.