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Edorado 8S Nominated for European Powerboat of the Year 2024 Award

We are thrilled to announce that our Edorado 8S fast electric hydrofoil boat has been nominated for the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year 2024 Award in the electric category! This recognition is a testament to the outstanding innovation, performance, and sustainability of the Edorado 8S.

European Powerboat of the Year 2024 Nomination

The European Powerboat of the Year award is one of the most coveted accolades in the maritime world. This esteemed nomination acknowledges the Edorado 8S as a pioneering electric powerboat that is leading the charge toward a more sustainable, high-performance future on the water.

What Sets Edorado 8S Apart

– Electric Performance
The electric performance of the 8S sets it apart from other electric boats, excelling both in range and speed. With an impressive top speed of up to 74 km/h, it reaches one of the highest speeds achievable by electric boats, making it a thrilling choice for enthusiasts.
– Build Quality
The Edorado 8S boasts an unparalleled level of build quality, with not a single screw, bolt, or cable visible, ensuring a sleek and elegant appearance.
Beyond what meets the eye, the attention to detail ensures that everything on the inside is impeccably organized, neatly tucked away, and thoughtfully designed. There are no rough edges, no loose cables, and no loose parts, making the 8S a masterpiece of craftsmanship and a testament to the pursuit of perfection.
– Safety
Our meticulous attention to detail not only enhances aesthetics but also significantly contributes to safety, making it an ideal choice for families, including those with children, by eliminating potential hazards and providing a secure and enjoyable boating experience.
– Patented Safety System
The Edorado 8S stands as one of the safest electric hydrofoil powerboats in existence, thanks to its innovative patented safety system. Unlike traditional vertical foil retraction mechanisms, the Edorado 8S features a pioneering design where the front foil pivots to the back upon impact, ensuring the smoothest landing possible in case of collision with an object. This groundbreaking system not only enhances safety but also guarantees peace of mind for passengers, making the Edorado 8S a top choice for those prioritizing security on the water.
– Superior Hydrofoil Configuration
The 8S features a superior hydrofoil configuration known as the Canard configuration, setting it apart from conventional designs. This innovative approach places the stabilizing foil at the front of the boat, providing exceptional stability and control even at high speeds. This configuration not only enhances the 8S’s performance but also offers a smoother and more responsive ride, making it a game-changer in the world of electric hydrofoil powerboats.
– Not just a flying boat
The Edorado 8S is far more than just a flying boat; it symbolizes our commitment to making fast boating green and sustainable. Our mission is to leave a lasting legacy of a cleaner world for generations to come. The 8S is the embodiment of this vision, showcasing that speed and environmental responsibility can harmoniously coexist, setting the course for a better, more sustainable future.


We are incredibly proud of this nomination and would like to express our gratitude to our loyal supporters and partners for their ongoing support. Your trust in our vision drives us to continue pushing the boundaries of electric boating.

Stay tuned for updates on the award results, and thank you for being part of our journey to redefine boating with us. Your adventure awaits!

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