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Retractable hydrofoils are one of the many unique features of the Edorado 8S and they are suited for both recreational and commercial boaters. These hydrofoils are a type of lifting surface that extends below the waterline of a boat, providing lift and reducing drag, which can significantly improve speed, fuel efficiency, and handling.

What are retractable hydrofoils?

Retractable hydrofoils are a type of wing-like structure that is mounted on the bottom of the 8S and extends below the waterline. These hydrofoils are designed to lift the boat out of the water at higher speeds, reducing drag and increasing efficiency. At lower speeds, the hydrofoils are retracted, allowing the Edorado to operate as a traditional hull. This flexibility allows boats equipped with retractable hydrofoils to maintain their traditional handling characteristics at low speeds, while still providing the benefits of hydrofoil technology at higher speeds.

How do retractable hydrofoils work?

Our retractable hydrofoils work by using a combination of lift and drag to reduce the amount of energy required to propel the Edorado 8S through the water. When the 8S is traveling at high speeds, the hydrofoils generate lift, which raises the boat out of the water and reduces the wetted surface area of the hull. This reduction in surface area reduces drag and allows the powerboat to travel faster and more efficiently.

What are the benefits of our retractable hydrofoils?

Our retractable hydrofoils offer several significant benefits over traditional boat designs, including:

Increased speed

Hydrofoils significantly increase the speed of the boat and increases efficiency.

Improved efficiency

Retractable hydrofoils reduce the amount of drag.

Improved handling

Retractable hydrofoils improve the handling at high speeds by reducing the amount of bow rise and improving stability.

Increased comfort

By reducing the amount of bow rise, the retractable hydrofoils of the Edorado 8S reduce the amount of pounding and pitching experienced by passengers, resulting in a smoother and more comfortable ride.

Improved safety

Retractable hydrofoils improve the safety of the boat by reducing the risk of capsizing and increasing stability in rough seas.

Our retractable hydrofoils are one of the complex technologies that offer significant benefits in terms of speed, efficiency, handling, comfort, and safety. The advantages they offer make them a compelling option for many boat owners.

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