Recently, the Dutch Qualis Magazine, dedicated to showcasing excellence in various industries, featured an editorial article shedding light on Edorado’s remarkable journey.

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Edorado CEO Godert van Hardenbroek explores the future of boating and entrepreneurship in exclusive Builder Nation interview

Our founder and CEO, Godert van Hardenbroek, graced the virtual stage in an exclusive live interview with Builder Nation. The interview, which delved into various facets of the boating industry, hydrofoil technology, and the future trajectory of Edorado, provided a unique opportunity for enthusiasts and professionals alike to gain invaluable insights.

Industry Insights Shared on Hydrofoils, Boating, and Edorado’s Vision

Builder Nation, a vibrant community dedicated to fostering innovation and building connections among industry leaders, orchestrated this captivating interview. Their mission to facilitate knowledge exchange and meaningful connections was vividly demonstrated through this insightful conversation.

During the interview, Godert shed light on the state of the boating industry, offering a comprehensive overview of its current trends and future prospects. A significant highlight of the discussion was the exploration of hydrofoil technology, a disruptive force in the maritime world. He expounded on how hydrofoils are shaping the future of boating, enhancing sustainability, efficiency, and overall enjoyment for enthusiasts.

Beyond boating

The conversation extended beyond the boating realm, as Godert shared his vision for the future of Edorado. Our CEO provided a glimpse of the role Edorado envisions for itself in the ever-evolving boating industry.

Entrepreneurship was also a theme of the interview, with Godert drawing on his own experiences to provide valuable insights into the world of business innovation, opportunity recognition, and resilience in the face of challenges.

Watch the interview

For those who missed the live interview, the entire session is now accessible on Builder Nation’s YouTube channel, ensuring that all who are passionate about boating, hydrofoil technology, and entrepreneurship can catch up on this compelling conversation.

Don’t miss the chance to join the conversation about the exciting developments in the boating industry, the future of Edorado, and the entrepreneurship journey. Watch the full interview on YouTube and stay tuned for the latest updates from Edorado.


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