8S Nominated

European Powerboat of the Year 2024

The 8S has been nominated for the prestigious European Powerboat of the Year 2024 Award in the electric category

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Edorado Systems

Hydrofoil Electric Technology

Edorado’s innovative, platform showcases a host of features

Designed to cater to a multitude of industries

Edorado offers a flat floor and hydrofoil solution that opens up new possibilities for customization. With the platform, you can easily design and engineer your own unique watercraft, tailored to your specific needs and preferences. This added flexibility ensures that this platform empowers you to create vessels that are as unique as the industries they serve.

Width Between Foils

Considering the width between the foils of our 8-meter platform is paramount for the naval architects of our customers as they design boats for their clients. This specific dimension plays a vital role in ensuring optimal integration and performance within their project designs.
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Height Retracted

Understanding the retracted height of our hydrofoil wings, measuring at 1.75 meters, is critical when designing your clients’ boats on our platform. These dimensions are essential for precise integration, ensuring an optimal fit and functionality within their projects.

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Height Deployed

The total height of our deployed hydrofoils, measuring 2.55 meters, is invaluable information for your clients’ designs. These dimensions ensure precise integration, guaranteeing optimal performance and functionality within their projects.

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• Universal platform that can be freely
completed for your mission profile.
• Freely divisible flat floor space.
• 3D files and integration specs provided.
• Easy software integration.
• Cost efficient solution.
• Limited variables to consider.


• Proven concept.
• Proven Automatic Control System.
• Proven code.
• Proven electronics.
• Proven mechanics.
• Patented CISS.
• Powered by Torqeedo.
• Dedicated After Sales Team.

Engineering Support

Edorado acts as support, helping you stay within parameters.
Forces are well defined so your naval architect can easily engineer a structure
around it. Custom solutions upon request.